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Down on the Farm 03

When all the kernels were exposed, Annabelle broke the ear free from the husk and held it up for Nicole to see.

"Perfect size," she said as she stepped behind Nicole. "All it needs now is a little bit of lube."

Nicole looked very confused, but then gasped loudly as something small with a rough knobbly surface was pushed into her ass. Her eyes were very wide as Annabelle stepped back in front of her and began shucking the large ear of corn.

Once the large ear was ready, Annabelle again stepped behind Nicole. This time she reached her arms around Nicole’s body and began massaging Nicole’s tummy and the front of her slit.

"I think you can provide the lube for this," she said. Nicole just moaned softly in response.

After a few minutes, Nicole moaned even louder as a large knobbly object was slowly inserted in her cunt. She was too distracted to notice that Annabelle had dropped the ear of corn on the ground and was instead inserting a plastic corn-shaped dildo. She also hadn’t noticed that the small ear of corn in her ass had somehow grown a perfect T-shaped safety handle before it was inserted.

"Now something to keep those in plaice," Annabelle said as she quickly wrapped a thin belt around Nicole’s waist and pulled a crotch strap tight between her legs.

Annabelle then held up the shirt to the scarecrow costume. It looked thin and paper-like and was slit open in the back like a hospital gown.

"Don’t worry," Annabelle said in response to Nicole’s scared look. "There are five ties in the back to hold it completely closed."

Nicole didn’t look too reassured and was even less so when Annabelle held up the pants. They, too, were paper thin and they, too, were open all the way down the legs with a series of ties in the back. The boots– not part of the scarecrow costume– were ordinary leather work boots. The leather gloves– also not part of the costume– were standard work gloves with an extended gauntlet to protect the wrist and forearm.

Once those were in place, Annabelle said firmly, "I think you’d better climb up on the ledge before we put the head cover on."

She helped Nicole up the step ladder and made sure she was standing securely on the ledge with her arms gripping the upper crosspiece. Then she moved the stepladder and climbed up behind Nicole.

"Don’t want you to get any soap in your eyes," Nicole said as she fitted a pair of bubble style safety goggles over Nicole’s eyes. 

She inserted bluetooth earbuds in Nicole’s ears and said, "You will be able to hear me and I will be able to hear you... just in case you need to scream your safeword."

That didn’t reassure Nicole at all. She kept looking around with fearful eyes as Annabelle began putting the headpiece in place.

The headpiece was made to look like a burlap sack. It even had something that looked like a straw hat on the top of it. Annabelle tied it behind Nicole’s head and then made sure that the eye holes lined up with Nicole’s eyes.

"Let’s make sure you can’t fall off of here," Annabelle said as she used some rough rope to tie Nicole’s gloved wrists to the upper crosspiece of the sign. Then she stepped back to the ground and tied Nicole’s booted ankles to the lower crosspiece.

Nicole looked around nervously as Annabelle stood beneath her connecting all of the wires to something inside a protected metal box. Once everything was in place, Annabelle closed the box and made sure that the antenna on the top of the box was pointing straight up.

Annabelle stood in front of Nicole and said, "A lot of time on the farm is spent just waiting, so that is what you are going to do for a while. But to keep you occupied, your box buddy will be playing with you a little." She smiled and touched the red and white straw hat. "Some if it will be pleasure... and some of it will be pain... which, I think, for you, is often the same thing."

With that, Annabelle walked back toward the farmhouse leaving Nicole standing above the field of corn.


The tingling started even before Annabelle was out of sight. At first it was almost not noticeable to Nicole, but soon it felt like she was receiving and all over body massage. When the ear of corn in her cunt began vibrating her eyes flew wide open and she gasped.

"How is that possible?" she said as the vibrations increased. When the small ear of corn in her ass joined in the vibrations she began calling out, "Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God." And when the silver cups on her breasts began stimulating her nipples she tilted back her head and screamed out in orgasm.

People in a passing car turned to look at the field but saw nothing unusual. The husband remarked to the wife, "Cows makes some really weird noises, don’t they?"

Nicole slowly regained control of herself. Then the electrical signals became sharp and strong. It almost felt like she was being poked with a sharp object every time one pulsed. Soon she was being poked all over her body.

Her eyes went wide and she began thrashing in her bonds as she realized where the pulses would hit next. "No... No!.. NO!" she screamed as the first pulses pierced her cunt. Her scream was even louder when the pulses struck in her ass.

She decided that there was nothing she could do about the poking pulses and tried to relax and accept them– or at least, endure them. When she did, something changed. They didn’t exactly become pleasurable, but they were no longer pain. They were just... very intense.

She didn’t know how long the pokey pulses lasted, but almost as soon as it switched back over to the gentle pulses she experienced a very powerful orgasm. As she was breathing heavily and enjoying the pleasant sensations of the soft signals, Annabelle’s voice spoke softly in her ears.

With the voice coming from both earbuds, it was almost as if Annabelle was speaking from inside Nicole’s head. "Having fun are we?" Annabelle asked.

Nicole just answered with a soft moan.

"I really do expect an answer to my question, my not-quite-naked little cowgirl," Annabelle said firmly. "Are you having fun?"

"I’m not sure," Nicole said and then moaned as the pleasure cycle took her closer to the edge.

"We can talk about it later," Annabelle replied, "after you’ve had your shower."

Nicole didn’t answer. She couldn’t because she was once again in the throes of an orgasm. It wasn’t an extremely powerful orgasm, but it was very enjoyable.

Nicole lost all track of time as the electrical device continued to cycle between pleasure and pain. Sometimes it would repeat the pleasure cycle, sometimes it would repeat the pain cycle. Once it repeated the pain cycle three times and near the end of the third cycle Nicole found herself orgasming from just the intense sensations that most people would have called pain.

Then Nicole heard the roar of an airplane flying low... very low. A small yellow airplane with stubby wings was flying directly over the edges of the field. Suddenly it turned on a row of sprayers located under its wings. Nicole gasped as the liquid drenched her and the smell of detergent filled the air.

The little yellow plane spiraled back up into the air and returned to again spray the edges of the field. He seemed to be concentrating on the fence rows and gullies where there was no crop planted. After several more low passes, he flew away.

Nicole groaned out a loud "Eeeww" as the detergent began to soak through the thin costume. Then she heard what sounded like a tractor and saw what looked almost like another airplane moving slowing over the field just above the tops of the corn. As it drew closer, Nicole could see that it was actually a strangely-shaped tractor with wheels that held it above the crop. It was also spraying something that smelled heavily of detergent. 

As the sprayer approached, Annabelle’s voice suddenly spoke again in Nicole’s head. "Are we having fun yet?" she asked in a cheery voice. Anything that Nicole might have responded was literally drowned out by the spray as the machine passed the scarecrow at the edge of the field.

Nicole sputtered as the liquid seeped inside the paper head covering. She shook her head to clear her vision just in time to see Annabelle waving to her from the cab of the sprayer. "This is Frank," Annabelle said, pointing to the driver. "He’s my farm manager... among other things."

"Great," Nicole intended to say under her breath, but she forgot about the earbud communicators.

"Yes, it is great, isn’t it?" Annabelle replied. Then she said, "But it looks like your costume isn’t doing great. In fact, it appears to be dissolving."

"What?!" Nicole almost screamed as she tried desperately to look down at her disintegrating clothing.

"This is mainly the detergent," Annabelle explained as the sprayer began a new area of the field. "The walking wheel will provide the water to drown out these pests."

"What’s a walking wheel?" Nicole asked nervously and Annabelle quickly replied, "Oh, you will find out. You will definitely find out."

It took the sprayer five more times up and down the field to thoroughly wet the corn with the detergent. Shortly after it left the field, Nicole heard a big motor start up somewhere nearby. Then she heard the sound of heavy rain... but it wasn’t raining.

Instead, a large sprinkler system was starting to move around the field in a large circle. There were huge pipes held up by strange-looking metal wheels that moved very slowly. The artificial rain approached and soon Nicole was totally drenched– and totally naked. Her costume had completely dissolved and slid from her soapy body.

"Annabelle!" she screamed. "I’m naked."

"Maybe this will help you forget that," Annabelle said quietly as the vibrators and TENS system began a pleasure cycle.

"Just think of your nakedness as one more sensation," Annabelle said softly. "Let the sensation of being naked in public add to everything else you are feeling."

"I’m naked," Nicole whined.

"You are my beautiful little naked cowgirl, Nicole," Annabelle said sweetly. "Just enjoy your own naked beauty."

Nicole didn’t answer. She wasn’t able to because she was once more groaning in orgasm. The pleasure cycle repeated and Nicole orgasmed again... and again... and again. Soon it didn’t matter to Nicole that she was a naked scarecrow at the back of Annabelle’s cornfield. All that mattered was that she was receiving as many orgasms as she could possibly desire.

Nicole was only vaguely aware of Annabelle untying her and helping her down the ladder. "Let’s get you back to the house," Annabelle said softly. "You can soak in the tub while I grill us some steaks for supper. Then after supper we can cuddle on the couch, watch sappy movies, and drink margaritas."

"Sounds good to me," Nicole mumbled as Annabelle led her back to the farmhouse.

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